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Supplier Diversity

F&E Aircraft Maintenance believes diversity is an essential part of how we see the world, how we function, and it is a critical element to sustainability and being a responsible corporate citizen. Being minority-women owned small business, our mission is simply an extension of our diversity philosophy, and needs to be universally recognized as a critical instrument to effectively touch our global, diverse carrier audience.

Today, making a commitment to Supplier Diversity creates opportunity. When partnering with F&E Aircraft Maintenance, it is a beneficial opportunity for your company and ours. Not only do you benefit from our years of expertise in providing high-quality line maintenance services, but you also receive tax credits. And, as your partner, we proactively seek and develop processes for meeting minority business contract requirements. This contributes to strengthening our corporate culture and creates long-term growth and competitive advantage for your company.

More than 20 Years of EXPERT SERVICE


And An IMPECCABLE Safety Record!

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