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F&E believes that access to information is important to success.


We are happy to share with you, valuable industry resources such as aviation-related videos, books, learning and teaching resources, online learning and other information that we also recommend to anyone who shares a passion for all things aviation.

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Did you know that in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, FAA certificate holders are required to update their mailing address within 30 days of obtaining a new address? Click Here to update your address online. 

Are you familiar with SPANS? SPANS is the FAA's new Safety Program Airmen Online Notification System. 

Many of you now have taken advantage of FAA sponsored seminars to increase your skills as airmen. The FAA has recently launched the SPANS system to provide better seminar information notification in a timely manner and easy access for Airmen. The SPANS system is taking the place of the current paper based snail mail system. This transition will provide better service to Airmen at the same time as reducing costs. Click Here to access SPANS


Great News! There are hundreds of activities featured on the website to augment your training experience and even better news is that many of these activities are FREE! Click Here to search for activities near you. 


Enhance your aviation training experience by enrolling in one of the FAA's online training courses Click Here to search for activities near you. 

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