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Do you share our passion for Aviation? Are you a highly-skilled & experienced aviation professional with a great attitude and an unrelenting respect for the safety & well-being of yourself, your team members, customers and yes, even cargo? 


If so, then let your career potential soar and explore the various career opportunities available at F&E Aircraft Maintenance.

It's takes a collective effort of  teamwork and responsibility to ensure an aircraft is in perfect working order prior to becoming airborne. We are always looking for mature and motivated team players. We have a variety of opportunities available for AMT's in a variety of functions such as; LINE MAINTENANCE, ENGINE MAINTENANCE, AIRFRAME MAINTENANCE, or COMPONENT MAINTENANCE, depending on individual skill-set, training and hand-on experience.



Here are a few things to know before you submit your interest:



F&E is a no tolerance, Drug & Alcohol FREE Workplace. Period.

No matter your skill level or function, we expect that its your personal goal to exceed expectations, pledging to provide only the best service and support to fellow team members, affiliates, partners and of course, our customers.  


F&E always adhere to manufacturer specifications, never cutting corners or compromising safety.  We expect it to be your personal goal to provide your absolute best service and support to fellow team members, affiliates, corporate partners and of course...our customers. 

Our accountability and transparency, it is what makes F&E a preferred service provider and affiliate. We have a selective on-board process which includes a 10-year criminal history and background check, drug & alcohol screening, employment and certification verification, reference checks and other means of ensuring company-wide quality and control.  



Still interested? That's Great News!  Take a look at some of the opportunities available:

  • Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspectors - Examine safety conditions of the exterior and interior of aircraft before take-off.  

  • Aircraft Support Mechanics - Assist mechanics by performing a variety of non-technical functions while practicing safety conscious behaviors. 

  • Aviation Maintenance Technicians - Inspect, implement, or oversee maintenance and alterations of aircraft and aircraft systems.  

  • Engine Inspectors - Ensure there are no flows or threats to aircraft engines while following proper inspection methods. 

  • Machinists - Perform machining operations while operating a variety of machine tools. 

  • Parts Supply & Stores Clerk - Manage inventory stock of items and assist in delivery of those items to aviation mechanics and aircraft engineers. 

  • Plane Cleaners - Cleaning of the interior and exterior of aircraft.  

  • Welders - Perform fusion welding on aircraft and ground support equipment following proper welding procedures specification. 


While specific positions will have unique requirements, however you must possess at least a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent, be at least 18 years of age, and possess current authorization to work in the U.S. to work in the United States.

Please click here to submit your cover letter and resume. You may also fax your resume to (310) 338-0450 - Attention HR Department. 


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